Wednesday, January 11, 2006


at Montalban Zoo!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Click here to watch 'AJInTheEndRap'

Click here to see me and GiGi do the robot

Friday, July 22, 2005

Now this kid knows how to rap! And it sounds even cooler in Tagalog! (I had to teach him a thing or two).

(me and Jon Jon) Quezon city south area

This Monkey drank half of a 1-liter coca-cola bottle!

(Quezon City South area)

This is a picture that a Ward missionary did of me and my Dad ..charcoal art work... Artist: Louie Lim

Where's the Waldos!?

Can you find me and Elder Guptil?

12 plates of Chicken and rice (ulam included)
2 1-liter sprite bottles
2 Bananas
8 brownies

And yes.. he ate it all!

I Always tucked Elder Laurente in bed like as if he was my only my little filipino Son every night.

One of the Greatest All-You-Can-Eat restaraunts in the Philippines! It is all Filipino food. KAMAYAN -Elder Kauvaka (top left) Elder Salde (top right) Elder Rohbock (bottom Left) Elder Clevenger "me" (bottom Right)

Bowling at SM fairview -(from left to right to bottom) Elders Shaefer, Yuen, Taylor, Clevenger, Ava and Stosich.

Temple Tour at the Manila Temple with Quezon city south Panay 3rd and 5th ward. Elder Laurente is the little Hero!

Elder Taylor and I with our New Baguio Shoulder satches! I wore the Blue tie to match but Elder Taylor was too good the wear the red tie... No wonder all the chick were all over me that day...

Me chasing the Primary kids out of their classes out to the front of the Fairview Batasan Chapel.

Monday, July 11, 2005

QUEZON CITY PHILIPPINES MISSION MARCH 2003-2005 -Quezon City South, ROTC Hunters- Posted by Picasa

Doing all you can to do missionary Work. -Quezon city South, Munoz- Posted by Picasa

Elementary Children SERVICE -Quezon City South, Tatalon- Posted by Picasa

Lechon! -Quezon City South- Posted by Picasa

Kids playing with Banana Beetle - Milagros, Antipolo - Posted by Picasa

This is My Batch coming to the Philippines. March 2003-2005 (Left to right) Sister Moa, Elder Jex, Elder Douglas, Elder Oscanyan, Elder Ava, Elder Clevenger "me", and Elder Shaefer. -Fairview Stake center, Don Antonio- Posted by Picasa

" I will Bash Him ober da head wid dee coconut twee " Elder AVA -Valenzuela Zone- PBO, Green Meadows Posted by Picasa

Reyes Family Baptism -Valenzuela- Posted by Picasa

Here are some of my Cute Girls. Quezon City South, Tatalon Posted by Picasa

McDO -Tomas Morato- Quezon City South, Kamuning. Posted by Picasa

Jeepneys! Posted by Picasa

Wah Wah Dam -On the Rocks- -Montalban, Rizal- Posted by Picasa

Wah Wah Dam -Montalban Rizal- Posted by Picasa

SERVICE -Fairview- Posted by Picasa

Sakay Family -Last Baptism in Fairview Posted by Picasa

Fairview -Payatas B- Trash Mountain. Posted by Picasa

My area in Fairview -LITEX- Payatas Posted by Picasa

My Last Zone in Fairview/Montalban. -Mission Home, Corinthian Gardens Green Meadows- Posted by Picasa

Some Sunday School kids after Primary. -Fairview Batasan Chapel- Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I left on a 2-year mission in the Philippines Quezon city mission. There I met cool people and changed many peoples lives. I also met interesting people like some Companions. (Elder Hurst) And I just miss my little filipino Companion Elder Laurente. Way cool people. I had really fun areas: 1st: Antipolo, Antipolo 2nd Ward. 2nd: Novaliches, Camarin 1st Ward. 3rd: Marikina, Parang 4th Ward. 4th: Valenzuela, Valenzuela Ward. 5th: Quezon City South, Panay 3rd Ward. 6th: Fairview, Batasan 1st Ward. All My areas we very fun with fun Companions and Ward members that loved the Elders. Antipolo was like climbing most of the time because it is located in the mountains.. Mga Budok! grabe!! Pawis na pawis!. Novaliches was way good in missionary work. Members were great to us! and they had of up and down roads and Cement stairs everywhere! Marikina was a small area and we got around really easily and quickly. Valenzuela was probably the best area i had by far... This was an area where I grew up and the Zone that i was in was really cool with each other and kept us all motivated. Elder Margraff and Ava kept us in-line. I also ate a lot of Adobong aso there.. its Dog. Quezon City south had the best Ward Missionary support! we also had great activites that helped out Investigators to the church.. Family home evenings at the Galang's house was a Blast! The area had tons of restaraunts that I could not stop going too.. Elder Hurst knows.. My last Area in Fairview was the most challenging area but the best zone i ever had because we actually combined 2.. Fairview and Montalban so there was lots of Elders and some sisters.. The Montalban Avilon Zoo was the thing to do for P-days or even Wah Wah Dam. So the mission brought me to where I am now and Speaking Tagalog is a previlage here.. especially here in Ventura county.. Southern California. There is a lot of Filipinos here. Especially at St.John's hospital where I work. And I speak it to my mom all the time!! even to my Dad but it is kind of weird to talk to an American in Tagalog.. I don't know why... So we talk Chinese...

Me and Toilolo. He wanted to be added here and if he wasn't then he was gonna smash me over the head with a coconut tree. Here you go dude! Now you can be famous now since when I am an actor in the philippines! ha! mayabang talaga ako noh!? haha